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Think On These Things #3

on May 15, 2012

A bit late on today’s post and this is actually a story I wanted to share last week. Here it is without further ado.

One thing I know for sure is that I am teaching my nephews a little bit about self-confidence and being assertive.

E no longer bothers to question if he’s going to win when we race to my parents’ house.

N now carefully picks out his reward stickers after spelling homework and lets me know why he picked the one he did (yesterday he picked “keep it up” and he said, that means keep up the good work not goofing around – oh boy, these kids hear and remember everything, eh?), and they both tell me how things are going to be — E said he’s going to wear his new shirt for the Walk this year not last year’s (they get a new Walk shirt every year for reaching the $100 fundraising mark and becoming official ambassadors) and N said I could take his tree sapling to my house and that he wanted Uncle Craig to plant it. Talk about the student becoming the teacher (and vice versa), eh? 🙂

So today’s “Think On These Things” is about self-confidence and empowerment and the impact we can have on each other if we stand in a place of unconditional love.




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