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Words to Live By #16

on June 29, 2012

My nephews have become accustomed to doing homework when I’m around and were delighted (and confused) when I told them we’d be taking a break from homework this week since it’s the last few days of school and they don’t have any assigned homework.

Plus, my sister brought over D for a surprise visit so I told the boys that they could thank their baby cousin for no homework since if I made them do homework they’d have less time to spend with their baby cousin. N kept asking if he should get his math book so we can do a page of homework. LOL – do I have these kids trained or what? He was in disbelief every time I told him that we were going to take a break from homework this week. I reassured him that we’d have time to read and do math homework when we head to the mountains for Canada Day long weekend.

In other news, we all had a blast playing with D, who is crawling like a madman now and who is fiercely independent – he only likes to be held if he’s being fed and even then, it’s best to let him try to hold his own bottle because he is no longer a baby. E&N are really good with D – they watch out for him, let him crawl all over them, share their toys with him (I’m really proud of this one because D still spits up a lot and the fact that E&N love him enough to still share their stuffed toys is really incredible), and just generally enjoy being around him. It probably doesn’t hurt that D is absolutely adorable and has new “tricks” each time we see him – the latest one is he knows how to wave good-bye and he wears a devilishly handsome grin as he waves his little fingers.

This week’s belated Words to Live By is “Let the children play.”



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