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I’ve been swept off my feet by a Kiwi! – NZ Update #3 – January 1, 2004

on March 8, 2013

The recounting of my first overseas adventure continues. I’ll need to dig up some photos to add to this post. This trip was pre-digital camera days and while that means that I actually have physical photos of the trip (something pretty rare for later trips), it also means that they’re not readily available in a digital format. I digress.

Here we go…

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year! I hope 2004 is filled with happiness, success, peace, and love. New Zealand is one of the first countries to ring in the New Year and it is already well into the morning of January 1st here. So all of you still waiting to say goodbye to ’03 and hello to ’04, be safe and keep warm. 🙂

I spent several days in the Bay of Islands but came back to Auckland for New Year’s Eve. It was a beautiful night and Auckland puts together a pretty impressive First Night Festival so that is where I rang in the new year. I would probably attend Edmonton’s First Night to compare the two…but I doubt I’d be listening to Canada’s finest bands performing on an outdoor stage.

Auckland’s line-up of bands and performers was very impressive and I had an opportunity to hear some up and coming bands (some that are already popular enough to be on the radio here) and check out the diversity of cultures in Auckland city. It was very cool!

The Bay of Islands was beautiful, too – a real tourist hot spot. We stayed in Paihia, which is the tourist capital of the Bay. There were lots of young people and backpackers at the Bay and I ran into Sonia (my colleague from Quebec) at one of bars frequented by backpackers. Very cool!!! Spent a few days checking out the attractions in the area and having my opinion constantly confirmed that NZ is a beautiful country. We had one day of crappy weather, unfortunately it was the day we were on a boat for the whole day. Those of you who know me well know how much I hate being cold – so add being wet to being cold and I definitely am NOT good company. Up until that one day and since that day the weather has been beautiful. The up side I guess is that I got a petty bad sunburn on my shoulders the day before the boat trip and the fact that it was so cold out, I didn’t make my sunburn any worse.

(Ljubica, yes, I used my sunscreen but it was Mexico all over again!)

Okay, gotta run. I am spending the day checking out some of the last attractions in Auckland before I head to Rotorua (thermal hotspot) and then to Wellington, where I hope to meet the PM and score a job here in NZ – just kidding, Marion…I think!

I can’t believe I only have eight more days before I return to Canada. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Oh, for those of you who are curious, my subject was mainly to catch your interest…and the truth is less romantic than anything you’ve conjured up in your minds. On one of my tours in the Bay, I asked the coach driver if I could take a picture of him with the bus and he suggested I pose with him. Well, just before the Aussie chick on our tour took the photo, Murray picked me up and hence, I have now been swept off my feet by a Kiwi. Sorry it wasn’t more exciting…but I do still have eight days here 🙂




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