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Black sand beaches and spiders in Lib-er-ee-ya- Tuesday, March 13, 2007- Costa Rica Message 1

on March 13, 2013

I made it to Central America in 2007 and here’s the first of three messages i sent from Costa Rica. I posted this message and then realized I first sent it out exactly six years ago. In between this trip and the one to Las Vegas, I also went to a few additional places – I’ll post those stories after the Costa Rica ones. Sorry for the mish-mash order. 🙂

Hey all!

I arrived in Costa Rica late afternoon yesterday. A very loooong day – started at 0330 hrs and didn’t end until 2300 hrs; most of it on a plane. 😦

I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly good traveler but yesterday’s flight was so turbulent and unpleasant. The fact that I was greeted by 35 degree weather and a bright sunny day made it better.

The resort I am staying at is quite nice – way better than I was led to believe by some of the reviews on the travel website I visited prior to my departure. There’s quite an extensive buffet available at the main restaurant. Unfortunately, it is primarily meat based. I had to get the chef to make me a special pasta dinner last night (at least he was nice about it!)

E-mail access is very expensive from my resort ($6 US per half hour) so it is unlikely I will send many messages. 😦
Yeah, yeah, I hear the sigh of relief many of you are trying to stifle.

I’m in downtown Liberia (pronounced Lib-e-ree-ya with the Lib like the shortened version of Liberal Party. I thought it was Ly-bee-ree-ya like the African country. That’ll learn me.)

So not a whole lot to report at this point. Solo travel at a resort is interesting. I have met a whole lot of Canadians already, so it doesn’t feel as alone. I spent all of an hour trying to relax with a book today. It was hard work but I made it through that hour. My resort is in a very hilly area so followed by my forced relaxation I went for a long walk followed by aqua aerobics, something I had never tried before but it was fun and I will likely try it again.

The beach at my resort is a black sand one. The sand was too hot by 10 a.m. even with my flip flops on. Tomorrow I am going out to the white sand beach – it’s a strip of beach “owned” by the resort I’m at and only 70 people can visit it per day – to protect the environment, I guess.

Last night I saw a spider in my bathroom. I didn’t freak out (too much) and even risked taking a shower before bed (I left my flip flops on just in case I had to kill the spider!) I don’t know where it went…it just disappeared. I will probably find it in my bed tonight. Ick.

On Thursday I am going on a full-day tour with tons of activiites: ziplining, rock climbing, rappelling, swinging bridges, and something that has been compared to Tarzan swinging from side-to-side. Not sure what that entails but I think it will be fun; I am especially looking forward to ziplining and climbing.

Friday I am going on a full-day and a bit tour to Nicaragua. We are only two hours from the border and I will see a volcano and get another stamp in the old passport. Wahoo.

That’s about it for now. I only have a bit of time in downtown and want to get some pics of locals going about doing their thing.



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