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Living la pura vida – Thursday, March 15, 2007 – Costa Rica Message #2

on March 14, 2013

Hey all,

Sooo, I was SUPPOSED to be on my Canyon Aventure Tour today. But only one other person signed up (Lara, a girl from Cranbrook, BC) so it was canceled. We managed to get it rescheduled for Saturday as there are five others going from another resort. Guess the ziplines and mud pool combo is the more popular one as compared to a day filled with climbing, ziplining, hiking, etc. So Friday is a looong day and Saturday will be an early start (0600 hrs – 2300 hrs tomorrow for the day trip to Nicaragua) and then 0730 – 1730 for the Canyon Adventure.

I’ve actually been getting A LOT of sleep on this trip. Wahoo.

Random points: spider sighting #4! Three in my bathroom (I eventually killed one) and a daddy long legs near my patio door. Ick. As long as they don’t crawl into my bed. Ick ick ick.

I decided to fork over the $ to get on the Internet today (not that I have a whole lot to write about…mostly I’ve been lazing around on the beach, near the pool, and hanging out with all sorts of people). But, I spent the whole day in the sun yesterday and the idea of being in an A/C room with Internet was appealing despite the cost.

So, my usual overview for those of you who haven’t visited the country I’m visiting:

Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua and Panama. It has a population of 4.25 million people and almost half live in San Jose, the country’s capital. Guanacaste, the province I’m in, has approximately 300,000 and Liberia, the city I landed in, has approximately 54,000. There are many, many, many towns in Costa Rica…partly because the requirements to become an official town are pretty basic: you must have a church (easy given 80 or 85% of the population is Catholic), a school (education is free so again an easy requirement), a bar (uh, only one?), and a soccer field (soccer is the country’s “other” religion).

Pura Vida – Good Life (this is the Costa Rican motto and if someone asks how you are or how things are and you answer Pura Vida (especially if you’re a tourist) the locals just beam from ear-to-ear. It’s the biggest compliment you can give someone. (Don – so you can impress people right off the bat, it’s pronounced Purra Veera).

It’s mango and sugar cane season. Guess what I’ve been eating…yup, mangos at every meal. I need to move to a tropical country. Mangos just don’t taste the same at home.

There is plenty of wildlife here. Other than the spiders in my room, I have seen iguanas and monkeys on the beach. There are three types of monkeys here: howlers, spider, and whiteface. There are also more than 850 species of birds (and some have really lovely calls). And 285 snakes. Seventeen of which are poisonous. Apparently the snakes are on the resort, too. I’ll stick with spiders, thanks.

What I’ve seen of Costa Rica so far indicates that the country is thriving and has excellent infrastructure and social agencies. I met an older couple from Calgary last night and they said Nicaragua is the opposite ( i.e. fairly poor and little infrastructure) but beautiful architecture and phenomenal history. So, I’m now even more excited about tomorrow’s trip.

Forced relaxation. Those two words describe my trip to this point…for example, yesterday I spent five hours lying in a hammock reading a book, snoozing, and being served cold beverages. Ah, the pura vida. So you’d think. I was bored out of my skull (and couldn’t get to bed until after 2 a.m. last night…I got too much sleep during the day!)

I have now spent time on the black sand and white sand beaches and I have to say I’m not that impressed with CR beaches – the sand is coarse and filled with shells and sticks/twigs/leaves. I prefer lounging by the pool side.

This morning I went target shooting with two other people and I was the only one who actually hit the target (sad, to be honest). We were each given six shots and I finally made it on the last one. Amazing how lining up the sights actually helps. I wish I’d remembered sooner. 🙂

Okay, that’s a wrap for me for today. Am off on an “ecological” walk around the resort this afternoon and aqua aerobics in a little bit.



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