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Think on These Things #26 (March 16, 2013)

on March 16, 2013

I haven’t posted a Think on These Things message in a couple of weeks. Today, I’m sharing a couple Makes Me Think stories that I saved to share via my blog. I very much appreciate the work Marc and Angel do to collect and promote these stories. Every week there’s at least one that speaks to me. The two that I’m sharing today reminded me again that generosity is something anyone can practice. And sometimes the people who have the least to give have the greatest spirit of generosity. Yay for life lessons that we can learn from anyone and at anytime.

Story #1: Today, a homeless woman who I have seen at a few of our community outreach efforts in the last few months came into our donation office and donated a fairly well-kept pair of winter boots. She said, “I already have two other pairs, so I figured someone else probably needs these more than I do right now.” MMT

Story #2: Today, I was in line at a hotdog stand that was selling hotdogs for charity for $2.50. A homeless man approached me and asked for a dollar toward a hotdog. I looked in my wallet and handed him a $5 bill – the smallest bill I had. He got in line behind me and bought two hotdogs. Then I watched as he excitedly gifted one to a homeless woman who was resting under a nearby tree. MMT


Let’s all remember these examples the next time our generosity is requested. There are so many ways to give and to help make life a little easier for someone else. Who knows, they may even pay-it-forward to someone who needs it even more.


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