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It’s a Small World After All – Cayman Islands #1 – Thursday, March 2, 2006

on April 1, 2013

I took last week off to prepare for my Organizational Behaviour final and this meant that I neglected my blog. Yesterday, I caught up on my daily gratitude posts from the past week and decided to hold off on a travel babble message. It’s a new day and a new month, so here’s the first post for April.

Hello all! (yes, another long travel e-mail from Narmin…delete it or skip through whatever bores you.)

I arrived in the Cayman’s yesterday afternoon. I was on the red-eye flight to Toronto on Wednesday morning (Tuesday night) 12:25 a.m. and there was a woman with a two-year old in the seat behind me. The two-year old CRIED FOR FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT. Another experience that makes me think “NO KIDS!!!!” Personally, I woulda given the crying toddler some cough medicine or something to knock her out (and she did have a cough so it’s not like I’m promoting medicating kids unnecessarily!) I was dead tired by the time we landed in Toronto at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday and my flight to Grand Cayman was not until 10:00 a.m. so I walked around like a zombie and tried to sleep in airport chairs – NOT comfortable. The woman with crying child was on my GC flight, too. Thankfully she was many rows behind me this time, and I slept for most of the flight. I was sitting near an Italian family that lives in the Caymans. The couple had two kids, a two-year-old and a five-year-old. Near the end of the flight I told the woman, Sylvia, that she had really well-behaved, and more importantly, extremely QUIET children and she told me that she and her husband have trained their children well and that the kids have been traveling with them since they were three-months-old. I told her about my TO flight and she was horrified that the mother hadn’t done anything ( i.e. cough medicine) about her crying child.

The whole point of the long story above is that when I landed in GC and Michael met me at the airport, he had already heard about my bad flight to TO – Sylvia’s husband was one of Michael’s patients (he’s a physiotherapist) – now I know first-hand about news traveling fast in a small town/island. The woman with the crying child is also Caymanian so she’ll probably hear all about my complaints, too. Michael and Christine have lived here for several years (Michael four years and Christine two years, since she and Michael got married) and they say they are pretty much used to the fast-travelling-news – but it made Michael laugh to catch me off-guard.

So Grand Cayman…did you know it is not pronounced Kay-mun…it’s Kay-Man (like Jamaicans say “Man”) I never knew that until I heard the locals (natives) say it today. Weird.

GC is very different than the other beach destinations I’ve visited. First off, everything looks shiny and new. Hurricane Ivan happened just about two years ago so a lot of buildings are new as a result of near-total devastation by Ivan. But, GC is also a pretty affluent place, so I’m guessing it always looked “new”. It’s also a very clean island – I have not seen any garbage lying around and the streets are clean and well-kept. I didn’t think an island of 40,000 people could have a traffic jam but Michael dropped me off in town on his way to work today and I got to experience rush hour, traffic jam and see how a small fender-bender can block the flow of traffic the same as an accident on the Whitemud would. People drive on the “wrong” side of the street here and Michael and Christine say there’s no sense of traffic rules but after spending time in India, most places seem to have an orderly flow of traffic, even if they really don’t. And pedestrians have some semblance of right of way here, although not always, so Michael and Christine tell me.

I spent the morning out by the pool 10 feet from Michael and Christine’s back door. It was very peaceful and relaxing – I am definitely getting in my RnR so far. Then I spent five hours at the beach. Cayman Islands are surrounded by the Carribean Sea. I am so glad I took swimming lessons leading up to this trip – I still can’t swim well but I felt comfortable being in the water (BY MYSELF) and even went in as far as neck high, floated (it is WAY easier to float in salt-water than chlorine water…but I bet all of you knew that) and I even swam a little bit but didn’t go too far out (cuz that’s still a bit too scary). But YAY me. To really appreciate this you have to know that up until four months ago, I was too afraid to go more than chest-deep into any water and had only played in the ocean with Janet by my side – six-foot-tall Janet who would save me if the big, bad waves got too scary 🙂 The water was very calm, hardly any waves at all (well no big ones, anyway) and a beautiful, clear, blue-green.

During my lazing around in the sun, I read almost 200 pages of The Chronicles of Narnia; I think I missed all the religious overtones when I read the books as a kid. Having said that, Narnia is awesome beach reading and I don’t remember a lot of the stories so I am enjoying it even more.

Wayne/Lorette/Cory – how did the Hobbema announcement go? I was thinking of all of you, and especially Wayne, between 10 and 12 today (we’re two hours ahead here) and hoping that everything was going alright. Honest! Oh and funny, but true, story…I took my token with me on the plane and it’s on a mini handcuffs (really, thumbcuffs) keychain and the guys at airport security had to go through my bag to ensure I didn’t have any other “dangerous” stuff in my carry on. They didn’t confiscate them but told me I should probably put them in my checked luggage on the way back. I know it’s cuz I’m brown. 🙂

And no, I haven’t checked if I can access my work account with the token but I will at some point.

Tomorrow I am going to check out the fitness centre that is part of the amenities at Michael and Christine’s complex and then it’s off to explore George Town a little bit and then probably head to a different beach for the afternoon. There’s seven miles of beautiful, white sand beach here. The theme of this trip…RnR. Michael and Christine are great hosts and have made me feel really at home at their place and they are even better hosts for discouraging me from filling my days with tours and events. So on that note, I think I will now call it a night.



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  1. Cayman is the place where I would like to spend my life. I have been there a few times and I am completely in love with this island. Not only me but many of my friends and their families like this island from the core of their heart. The natural surroundings invite everyone here. I found a Cayman gym one of the best places to be. I am fitness crazy so I spent good hours there.

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