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Ponder this…The Future – March 22, 2013

Yesterday’s Aquarius horoscope is worth pondering if only because it summarizes the thoughts I’ve been mulling for some time.

A radical transformation of your daily routine is definitely in the wind. You may decide to return to graduate school and get an advanced degree, or move to a foreign country, or become more involved with a group whose aims you believe in. Even for someone as adventurous as you, however, this particular transmutation might seem outrageous. Don’t worry about this, however. Follow your heart. Remember, such opportunities often appear only once!

And so, here’s some advice for me and maybe it will be useful to you, too:



Ponder This… By Now I Thought I Would Have Known (Feb. 21/13)

Twenty years ago I thought I’d be who I I wanted to be by now. Little did I know that I’d never be as certain about what I wanted to be as I was at the brink of adulthood.

Ah, to go back to the simpler times when I already knew all that I ever thought I needed to know.


Some additional food for thought that is keeping me awake during the wee hours of the night:

And something I remember distinctly from junior high and that resonates quite a lot in this moment:


Hmmmmm. What DO I want to be when I grow up?


Patience and Perseverance – Ponder this…. (Feb. 8/13)

I have made a mental note to remind myself of the following when things aren’t going well:

Everything worthwhile requires patience and perseverance.


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Ponder this… Is your partner marriage material? (Feb. 3/13)

One of today’s Makes Me Think stories reminded me of one of the most significant factors in knowing my husband was “the one”.

Here’s the Makes Me Think story:


In my life, one of the many ways I knew C was the right partner for me was seeing him interact with and accept my nephews. If you are new to my blog, you are invited to go back and read some of my past posts about my nephews and if you have time for only one or two, read this one and/or this one.

As you can see, my nephews play a big role in my life and the fact that C loves them means the world to me.

The following excerpt is from an article called How to Determine If Your Boyfriend Is Marriage Material and the only thing I’d change is the word “boyfriend” to partner because I think this article has great tips for men and women equally.

Does your boyfriend get along with your family and friends? How well a man establishes relationships with those you love says a lot about the kind of husband he will be.

It’s my hope that those of you who are with people who don’t accept/value familial relationships will re-think if your partner is truly marriage material. It may save everyone involved from serious heartbreak in the future.

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Ponder this… (Jan. 24/13)

Are you “too nice”? A doormat? The go-to person for getting things done? Do you always roll-up your sleeves to pitch-in when needed? Ever feel taken for granted?

I saw a great quoto on Facebook today. Thanks to Marc and Angel for inspiring today’s food for thought.


And remember, we are all responsible for giving people permission to treat us the way they do. If we don’t like something, it’s up to us to change it. No one will or can do this for us.

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Ponder this… (Jan 8/13)

Life is too short to spend time on people who don’t value us and it’s too short to not focus our energies on the people with whom we want to foster more meaningful bonds.